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Laura Mayfield,

Lead Wedding Planner & Event Designer

About Laura:
I am from everywhere, but I did the majority of my “growing up” in Colorado. Jason and I have lived in Texas since college and I now call this my home. Together we have to two coolest daughters in the world. I absolutely love getting to know my clients, and use those details to craft their wedding day into something uniquely them. I have a degree in education, and I had the blessing of teaching for 14 years while we built Mayfield Events into the full event production and planning company it is today. I have had the honor of planning dozens of weddings over the years, and the even greater privilege of calling many of those clients my friends.

Q & A from Laura…


How long have you planned weddings:

I planned my first wedding in 2014, but before that I served as a coordinator and…. Wedding DJ for over a decade.


Would you rather plan, DJ or coordinate:

Oh wow… um. They are all really hard jobs with their own rewards and challenges. I love planning a wedding from beginning to end, because I get to know the couple (and often their families) really well. So, the wedding gets to be really personal and unique. DJing…. Well, that is its own animal. I loved watching the mood of a room and watching reactions when I play a song the crowd loves. Coordination is really rewarding because that is all about the details, and I am kinda in love with details.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of Mayfield Events?

If I had an afternoon off, I would sip coffee (or a margarita) on a boat at Possum Kingdom Lake with my husband and my girls. I love the lake!


Why should we hire you?

I am a huge believer that we have to have a connection, after all you have to trust me to ensure that your wedding is what you desired. It is my goal to understand your priorities, and we treat your wedding with the respect is it deserving of, no matter your budget. As the lead planner, it is my responsibility to ensure that I serve you (and your family) with the best of my ability.

Jason Mayfield,

Event and Lighting Design & Sound and Production Engineer

I am from the great town of Wichita Falls, and have a bachelor’s degree in Music Education. I met my wife Laura, in college, and because she is typing this for me, I will just say, she is the best! I directed choirs for 15 years for WFISD and served as the minister of contemporary worship at First Presbyterian Church for 10 years prior to working at Mayfield Events full time.  I have always loved sound and lighting and find it very rewarding that this as my full time career. At Mayfield Events, we are constantly working to improve not only our technology inventory, but also the level of production we are able to offer clients.

Q & A from Jason…


So, your title is a little crazy. What do you do really?

Lol. I make dreams become reality. I apply practical knowledge and skills to the artistic plans of the design teams to make them realistically possible. For instance, last year, Laura and Shelby came to me and wanted to suspend 1200 roses from a 14 foot drop ceiling. It was my responsibility to create a plan to ensure that ceiling could hold the load of the floral design, a way to practically get all the roses into the ceiling without the florists having the stand on ladders for hours, and that it was all executed to the standards we are famous for. I am also responsible for lighting and sound design in any space.


What are your hobbies?

I love photography, boats, motorcycles and cars.