Mayfield Events | Full Wedding Planning & Event Design
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Full Wedding Planning & Event Design


At Mayfield Events we understand there is a great deal of fear, worry and excitement involved in the beginning stages of planning a wedding. Two phrases we hear a lot from new or potential couples are, “This is my first and only time to plan a wedding.” And “I need help, but I still want to be involved.”


It was with these two phrases in mind that we developed the full wedding and design package for clients. Full planning is ideal for busy brides who want to be involved, but need someone else to be in charge of the details, design, and organization of wedding events. Our first steps in planning involve understanding both your emotional and visual goals for your wedding day. For each wedding, each couple, and even each person involved in the planning process these goals are very personal and individual.


Vision and Priorities:

With a full wedding planning selection, Mayfield Events and all involved parties will discuss your wedding vision and priorities. We will help you to get a clear picture of what it is that you need and want for your wedding.  Full planning services include ceremony and reception design plans, layouts and timelines. The design plan is used to help conceptualize your wedding before it is brought to reality. Some brides come to us with definite opinions and ideas, we love that! However, there are just as many couples who come to us with a few things, but have no ideas what they want in other areas. The design plan helps you streamline your ideas, figure out what you like and ensure that it fits in overall with what you already have in place. The design plan will include floral design, linens and decor elements, room layouts, linens and furnishings.


Once we have a pretty good feel for what you prefer and your overall desires; we will put together a working wedding budget, including all details of the wedding. As with all budgets, this is something that we will adjust as we move through the planning process. When choosing the full wedding planning package, you can rest assured that we will oversee your budget and work with you to achieve your goals in a cost effective manner.


In the final stages of wedding planning Mayfield Events work as the go between you and your vendors to alleviate the amount of undo stress put on you. We will organized your timelines for your vendor arrivals and set up, the timelines for your wedding day, your wedding party timeline and your guest timelines. Our team will set up your ceremony and reception and we will work to ensure that your plans all come to life on your wedding day. At the end of the evening, our team will help clean the venue up and restore it.


We also understand that for most modern couples planning a wedding can be a family affair. This is why Mayfield Events can work with the whole family, just as long as the whole family understands that you as a couple are our FIRST priority. So, there will be times I tell you that we would love to have everyone attend a meeting, and then there will be other times when we will only want to meet with the couple. This allows us to hear everyone’s voice and wishes, but not at the expense of the bride and groom.


With full planning Mayfield Events will oversee all details regarding the wedding, including but not limited to: Budget, Venue Selection, Wedding Vendor Selections, Contract Negotiations, Wedding Etiquette, Ceremony Details and Selections, Reception Details, Wedding Rehearsal, Event Strike.


We understand that you might have questions about this process or if we are a good fit for your plans please feel free to email me at: