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We believe in the art of celebration — of creating wedding day moments that can be seen, touched, smelled, tasted and heard. A dream brought to life. A living piece of art. An heirloom experience.

This is our art form. And you are our muse.  

Couture Celebrations

Full-Service Wedding Planners in Texas & Beyond

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"From the first phone call forward, there wasn't a moment that I didn't feel valued, heard, or cared for by Laura and the rest of her team. I wasn't just another client and this wasn't just another wedding. She got to know me and my fiancé, she took time to learn what our values were and what mattered most to us on our day, and then she made it happen."

"I cannot recommend Laura and her team enough!"

Paulina & Nate


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Elevating Experiences

Wedding planning is about more than just one day. Through our signature, deliberate process, we’ll design an engagement experience that will reflect your values and crescendo into a wedding that sets the tone for the rest of your marriage. 

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At Your Service

We have curated a team of truly gifted planning and design professionals who will elevate your wedding into an art form. Their talents and imagination are only surpassed by one quality: an unparalleled commitment to service. Prepare to have your every need attended to. 

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Expect the Exceptional 

Planning meetings conducted with intention. Hand-sketched renderings. Complex-yet-uncomplicated designs. A process tailored to your preferences. This is the Mayfield Events approach, because ordinary simply isn’t good enough. 

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“We could go on and on about the great things that the Mayfields did to make our night special, but we both agree on this: it was their personal touch that made it the best night of our lives. The genuine care for our happiness almost (does) brings us to tears when we think about it. They're priceless.”

"It was their personal touch that made it the best night of our lives"



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